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Jess came blasting out of nowhere like a red whirlwind. The banner thudded into the soft earth where Basil's head had been a fraction of a second before. Basil freed his leg as Jess leaped like a salmon. In midair she ripped the tapestry clean off the standard in one go.Matthias held up a paw. "Father Abbot, it is our duty not only to defend but to retaliate."The frog remained perfectly still. There seemed to be two figures, and some sort of shadow. The moon came out from behind a cloud.Killconey performed one of her most elaborate salutes. "The tunnel is goin' very well, yer honor."Had the mind of Cluny the Scourge finally snapped?"What a calm, efficient young mouse Cornflower is," the : 'Abbot remarked to Constance.Matthias held up the stone and tried shouting above the melee. His voice was lost in the uproar. Angrily, he grabbed the nearest shrew and shouted at him, "Listen, you! Tell me which direction the river is in, or else?

Matthias seized the frightened Guerrilla Shrew by his paw, pulling him along at a swift run.Methuselah shook his head. "That is a thing no creature knows. For many long years now I have puzzled and pored over ancient manuscripts, translating, following hidden trails, always with the same result: nothing. 1 have even used my gift of tongues, speaking to the bees and others who can go into places too small for us, but always it is the same - rumors, legends and old mouse tales."Basil clapped the two squirrels soundly upon their backs. "Of course, that's the ticket! A hornets' nest in a barrel. Just chuck it down on the beastly old enemy, what?""Don't worry, Father Abbot, there will be enough for all. '*

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Cluny got out of bed. He paced back and forth, testing his legs. Each day they were a bit stronger. He walked past the pair and spoke without turning to face them. "Who knows anything about tunneling?"Brother Alf reprimanded him sharply. "Here now, you keep a latch on that silly tongue of yours, Colin Vole! Don't you know that someday Matthias will be a Redwall mouse? And don't let me hear you slandering young Cornflower. She's a decent mouse from a good family. Mark my words, Master Vole, I could say a thing or two to your mum and dad. Only last evening I saw you playing 'catch the bulrush* with that young harvest mouse. What was her name now?"

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"Ready, fire!" called Matthias.

Redwall had won the final battle.

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The silence was broken as the door slammed back upon its hinges. Cluny strode out. Behind him, bearing the horde standard and a lighted torch, came Fangburn and Killconey. The victorious horde soldiers cheered wildly. Cluny was the picture of barbaric power, geared for war from his poison tail tip to the frightening battle helmet. He looked every inch the conqueror.Out across the meadow she could plainly see the Warlord's tent. In the strong sunlight the badger watched the silhouette of the big rat moving about behind the canvas. The main problem was that the tent had been pitched too far out of range for sling or bow. Unless the weapon was big and powerful enough to reach that far ... That was it!Matthias stooped, speaking gently for fear of frightening the infant. "Hello there. My name's Matthias. What's yours?"

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And this time Cluny reckoned that he had hit upon a foolproof plan! He strode across the meadow and hand-picked thirty-odd rats.

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"Ah, Brother Alf, my old and valued companion. When I am gone to my rest you will take my place as Abbot. You are a wise and compassionate mouse. I know you will look after my creatures for me."The dreadrul sound was much closer now! Struggling and pushing forward, he came to the end of the tunnel."Get your heads down, everyone! Lie flat!" Constance shouted.

easy!" he hissed.

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